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Specialist research company offering more ways to make money on top of surveys, such as mystery shopping.

  • Works with well-known companies
  • Offers regular survey opportunities
  • Become a part of the community
  • Mystery shopping pays up to £50
  • Will not cost you anything to join

Our Review

Viewsbank (run by Consumer Intelligence) offers the chance for people in the UK to make a difference to the products you see on the shelves and services that are on offer. This is by the way of market research, which you take part in, giving large companies the data they need to create new products and test new markets. By taking part, you can make money from filling out the surveys, being a mystery shopper and providing the data the companies are looking for. For mystery shoppers, you can earn up to £50 per shop and it doesn’t require any training or specialist equipment. You simply provide your feedback and views of the company and get rewarded for your time.

Consumer Behaviour Tracking

The company’s consumer behaviour and tracking of the best deals in insurance along with other products is vital for the rest of the UK to learn about certain providers and retailers, as well as helps with future ventures. If you’re looking for an additional income on the side of your main job or want to earn money from home by filling out surveys, then join up with Viewsbank today and become a member of the community.

Simple Way to Make Money

It’s one of the easiest ways to make money online, and it’s all just from giving your opinions, views and feedback on companies that are out there. Some of the companies Viewsbank has worked with already include Legal & General, Barclays,, Tesco Personal Finance and Nationwide. Big companies need data and opinions so they can be more competitive in the future, and in doing so, they need to pay for it.

Company Summary

You can easily make money from offering your opinions, explaining buying habits of potential customers and providing data that the company would otherwise struggle to get hold of. They need you as much as you need them. Join Viewsbank today and make a difference in the retail and finance sectors of the market.



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