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This panel not only pays you for opinions on surveys, but also allows you to make your own research.

  • Rewards you for your opinion
  • Engage with other members
  • Completely free to join

Our Review

Toluna was the world’s first social voting panellist site. It pulls together web 2.0 technology and engages panellists with their views, opinions and votes on a myriad of products and services for their clients. For you, that means that every survey and questionnaire you respond to, you gain points which can then be redeemed against gifts, vouchers, products themselves or simply cash paid into a PayPal account or a cheque sent to your home.

Influence Products and Services

Being visible in 34 countries around the world, Toluna brings over 1 million votes per day from its members, which helps businesses gain data about their products so that they can create newer and better ones, more of what the consumers want.

Generous Rewards

With a generous award of up to £20 per survey Toluna values your opinion highly. You can really make a good income online or bolster your monthly earnings just by filling out some surveys and taking a little time to complete them. By building up a generous points total you can have access to many popular products, services and money-off vouchers for major brand names and well-known high-street brands.

Answer Surveys at your Convenience

So, not only can you have a direct influence of what future products will look and function like, but you can voice your opinion to major companies and have your say. If you are one of those people that finds faults with items that are on the market right now, or can suggest improvements, then your opinion is vital for the companies involved. As such, you’re rewarded with a generous payment and as you can use your mobile phone to complete and submit the surveys, you can earn money while you’re on the move.

Company Summary

Simply by spending 20-30 minutes a day filling out the surveys, you can make a difference to consumer products and pocket some extra cash in the process. Well, what are you waiting for? Join Toluna today.



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