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Survey Network
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Another website offering you the chance to claim completely free money simply for registering your interest in surveys.

  • Free £1 bonus for joining
  • Earn up to £10 per survey
  • Simple, easy to answer questions
  • New surveys added almost daily
  • Doesn’t cost you a penny to join

Our Review

Survey Network is one of the easiest and most enjoyable survey sites around. You simply join up, which takes about 1 minute, claim your free £1 bonus for doing so, and fill out easy surveys some of which are worth £10 each. Once you receive a regular stream of surveys to your inbox, you can complete them quickly and make a good little earner from paid surveys. If you’re looking for an additional income to pay bills or to buy gifts and products, then you can do so with Survey Network.

Easy to Complete Surveys

The surveys are so easy to fill out. Most of them are market research questionnaires for UK and worldwide companies that are looking for genuine responses to their questions. They use the data to help them create new and better products than before, so your input is vital for the consumer industry and it can help change the way companies think about their direction of their products. Your information you give them is so important and valuable, and that’s why you are paid for your time.

Free to Join

What’s great about Survey Network is that you don’t need to pay to join, they send you suitable surveys to your email address and as there are new surveys added almost everyday you can make a regular income from doing very little work. What’s more, you get the bonus of knowing that your help will benefit consumers all over the world and the UK, as you are directly influencing what products function like before they are created or ready to be released into the market.

Company Summary

If you want to boost your weekly income then you can sign up to Survey Network today and start making money right away. Once you have built up funds in your account you can withdraw the money to your PayPal account. Don’t delay if you are looking for work or want to make an additional income online, join today!



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