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Nielsen Consumer Panel
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If you’re a young adult aged 16-24, register with the panel today to receive a scanner and start earning rewards.

  • London residents are in demand
  • Receive a free barcode scanner
  • Your research influences shops
  • Large choice of gift rewards
  • Doesn’t cost anything to join

Our Review

Getting accepted onto the Nielsen Consumer Panel is something of a unique opportunity. The firm are currently looking for young adults, aged 16-24 years old, and each member that qualifies for the role as an online survey and consumer panel reviewer will receive a barcode scanner for sales and information. The surveys that are requested are used as part of fine tuning companies’ marketing structures and strategies, and affects what products and services perform like in the future. What that means for you, is that you can have direct access to products, offer your opinions and views on the functionality, and respond to the survey and you are entered into amazing prize draws for your time.

Works With 250,000 Households

Each time you fill out a survey and respond as part of the Nielsen Consumer Panel, you are helping major companies provide better products and services to millions of customers. The firm monitors consumer behaviour in more than 25 different countries across 250,000 households, and looks at why people buy what they do and what they would like to see different. This information is vital for large companies that then create or amend products to suit people’s specifications.

Fantastic Rewards and Gifts

For each survey or piece of information you return, the Nielsen Consumer Panel then gives you the chance to win incredible awards and gifts each month. This is the perfect part-time work for anyone with a love of consumer products, from electronics to gadgets and household appliances. If you want your say to be heard and carry weight in the enormous industry and consumer products, then joining up for the Nielsen Consumer Panel is one of the best companies you can go with.

Company Summary

The consumer behaviour that is scanned is then relayed into data to help with intelligence for large industries to put into practice the findings that are made.



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