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Earn rewards for your opinion as well as through the loyalty scheme which saves you money at your favourite shops.

  • Rewards you for online shopping
  • Share your opinion and be heard
  • Earn free products and vouchers
  • Regular surveys and competitions
  • Completely free to be a member

Our Review

Maximiles is an online survey site with a difference. It not only gives you the option to feedback on your latest purchases by matching up what you’ve bought with retailer surveys that need answered, but it also sends you surveys via email if you fit the profile for certain retailers and manufacturers. There is an online loyalty scheme which means you can earn points for every purchase you make and redeem them against great gifts, similar to the way you would have with a retailer specific loyalty card, except this one covers hundreds of different ones.

Earn Extra Money by Shopping

As you can see, it’s slightly different to survey sites that pay, but you can still earn a good little income by adding your details and having surveys sent to you for your opinion on products and services. As the loyalty scheme covers some of the UK’s biggest brands and high-street names, you can generate many points in a short space of time. You can enter competitions, respond to emails and register for certain services to earn money each time you do, this is a great way of integrating Maximiles into all of your purchases from now on so they give you something back.

Points Make Rewards

For example, if you collect 3,500 points you can redeem them on a £10 bet at Paddy Power Bingo, where you could win hundreds of pounds without ever laying any money down as you’ve just used up some of your Maximiles points. If you are looking to buy a new Kindle, for example, then you can convert 21,060 Maximiles points and one will be sent to your door from Amazon.

Company Summary

As you can see, Maximiles is a little different than regular paid online survey sites but the benefits you can get are much greater. Either redeem points for bets at online casinos, or against electronics and gadgets, or simply convert them into cash and be paid by cheque or PayPal.



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