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Find out about the latest products and get exclusive access to test them out before anyone else. Best of all, companies will reward you for helping them.

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An exciting email service keeping you up to date with the latest opportunities, some of which won’t be found anywhere else.

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Quick simple surveys about products and services allow you to earn both cash and vouchers. It couldn’t get much easier.

  • Make your opinion heard
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  • Try out new products for free
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What manufacturers need most are opinions, views and criticism from the general public about the latest products that are due to be released. With the information that is sent back from the product tester, the manufacturer can choose whether to replace parts, tweak them to make it better overall or go ahead with it exactly the same in its ‘beta’ form.

Product Tester Jobs

Some product testers get to keep the product for free or get paid to test the products. Either way, the role of product tester is fantastic for some people that want to try out new products before the general public even get to hear about them. If people are looking to get paid to test products then it can be an extra income that can be very profitable depending on the amount of products that are tested. The products that usually require a product tester include hair and beauty products, bathing items, cosmetics, health and home-care products, and in some cases, the manufacturer might send a variety of products to test against each other to see which one is preferred. This is product testing and research at its max!

Get Rewarded

It might take a few weeks to test the product fully, to see any lasting effects or to build a complete review about the product, and usually the longer or higher volume of product given to the product tester, the more they will get paid. The research is used to determine whether the new product is better than what is already out there and how it compares to other brands. By directly influencing the manufacturer’s decision with impartial information about the item is far more valuable than what the product is worth individually, hence why the free products are given to numerous testers.

Keep Free Products

Product testing is a great way to help companies bring better quality products to market and if there is an opportunity to get paid to test products or to receive free products, then everyone is happy! There is usually a questionnaire to complete which will give the manufacturer a detailed view of what areas are needed to change, keep the same or scrap altogether, and that information is very valuable to them.

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