Twitter Users Increase by 400%

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A new survey has found that the micro blogging site Twitter has experienced massive amounts of growth over the past two years with millions of new users joining and engaging with the site on a daily basis.

Princeton Survey Research Associates International was the source of this information. They carried out a survey polling 2,000 adult American internet users over 18 years old on behalf of Pew Internet and the American Life Project to discover how many people were using Twitter on a regular basis.

The survey showed that as many as 8% of adults who used the internet on a daily basis were Twitter users. The survey also found that young adults used the site in greater numbers than older adults, with 31% of adult internet users between the ages of 18 and 24 using the site on a daily basis compared to only 14% of adult internet users between the ages of 30 and 49. The survey also found that the site was popular with African American and Latino users with 28% of users being African American and 14% being Latino compared to 12% being white. The survey also stated that the site is more popular with adults who dwell in urban areas than those who live in rural areas.

PSRAI believes that this explosive growth is mainly due to the increased popularity of smartphone platforms. They found that 13% of regular smartphone users were using the micro blogging site daily compared to 3% of regular phones/feature phone users.

Recent usage figures disclosed by Twitter themselves seem to back up the survey results, with Twitter stating that their active user base has grown from 100 million in September 2011 to 140 million in March 2012. Twitter also stated that this growth has shown no signs of slowing down with over one billion tweets being sent out on a daily basis.