Travellers Take Insurance Risks

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When going on holiday, the average Brit carries an astonishing £1440 worth of luggage each according to comparison website MoneySupermarket. This is as a result of just how popular it has become to travel with technology such as laptops, digital cameras, smart phones and iPads which have bumped up the value of people’s suitcase contents. Southerners carried luggage with the most valuable content, with these being judged to be worth between £1600 and £1700.

With such valuable commodities being carried around, travel insurance is more important than ever. If someone’s luggage is lost they are at serious risk of not being able to reclaim their belongings and if items are stolen then they will have no protection. Travel insurance also covers more than simply belongings. In many countries, medical treatment can be incredibly expensive without insurance to help cover the costs. Whether there is an emergency, or simply a common ear infection, the price tag can be incredibly high.

Recent research has concluded that four out of every five Brits take out the wrong amount of travel insurance, or even none at all. One third of those who did take out insurance did not take out enough, while one half had actually taken out too much.

Consumers are also being warned that even if they think they have taken out sufficient travel insurance, many policies do not cover individual expensive items, such as a laptop or jewellery, so they would be unable to make a claim should those items be lost or stolen or broken, even if they have a general insurance policy. Additionally, people are advised to look at how much the excess is on their insurance coverage. If it is too high, making a claim may not be worthwhile while if it is too low, the overall insurance bill may be prohibitively expensive.

The most important thing is for individuals who are going on holiday to take advice and to take out the most appropriate travel insurance cover for their situation. Whether you want individual expensive items to be covered, a reasonable level of excess or if you have particular needs regarding health insurance, inadequate coverage is little better than none at all. Taking care over travel insurance can give you the reassurance you need to enjoy your holiday and relax.