Low Confidence Holds Women Back

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The relentless pressure for young women to reach physical perfection is holding back a whole generation from reaching their full potential of being entrepreneurs, trendsetters and future leaders. The lack of confidence in their own ability due to them trying to lose a few pounds, look a certain way and follow the latest fashion trends is causing the UK to lose top women in doctor, lawyer and businesswomen roles. It’s thought that by 2050 there will be around 319,000 less women in high-powered roles than there is today.

Self-esteem is being rocked from all angles due to TV adverts, social media, reality TV shows and makeover shows that are rocking women’s views of themselves, which in turn makes them focus on only their appearance and not making a career for themselves. The lack of confidence in looks rolls over to the confidence to chase dreams and aspirations of being a future prime minister, an Olympic athlete or a chief executive. Young girls aged 11-16 are already struggling to maintain a positive attitude about their figures and feel that the way they look is more important to them than their future career.

The Government have already introduced self-esteem classes, which has seen 800,000 children involved and 1,400 classes from Beat, the eating-disorder charity, helping children feel better about what they eat. Even high-achieving girls have low self-esteem and we could see potential leaders fall by the wayside as deep-seated anxieties are becoming a major factor in women reaching their full potential. It’s thought that childhood trauma, bullying and obesity is the biggest factor in stopping women from going on to lead healthy, happy and prosperous lives, and this is something that the Government are trying to address as there is already a generation of females that are depressed due to their appearance.