London Olympics Rated Successful

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Many concerns were expressed in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games, including from people thinking that the spectacle had cost too much money and that there had been scandals such as the organisation of security. In short, many people were worried, in advance, about whether the events would go well and would represent the UK in a positive light internationally. A survey which has been carried out since the Games has shown that almost 9/10 of those who responded described the games as a success, with the athletes who took part being named as the predominant reason for this judgement. LOCOG, the organisers and Lord Sebastian Coe, as well as the volunteers who took part were also credited with having helped make the Olympic Games so efficient, effective and inspiring.

The Games were broadcast on several digital television channels and on the Internet, exclusively by the BBC. Their considerable coverage has been praised by almost four out of every five of those who answered the survey, who judged it as being very good or good.

There are still some reservations about whether or not the Games were value for money, with only just under half of those questioned reporting that they were, however 48% did it for that they felt there would be a long lasting legacy of people getting involved in sport themselves following the Olympic successes.

Channel 4, the official broadcaster of the Paralympic games, will be pleased to learn that because of the successes of the Olympic Games themselves, over half of those who enjoyed the Olympics are now intending to watch the Paralympic Games too, and 43% of them knew that Channel 4 would be the place to watch them.