iPad Owners are Satisfied

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A recent survey carried out by Changewave Research has discovered that the majority of new iPad owners are very satisfied with the device. Changewave polled 2,900 US consumers asking them their opinion about the tablet devices. 81% of new iPad owners were found to be ‘very satisfied’ with the device while 15% were ‘somewhat satisfied’, putting the overall satisfaction rate of the device at 96%.

The figures for the new iPad compared favourably to the iPad 2, with 71% of users stating that they were ‘very satisfied’ with the iPad 2 and 26% stating that they were ‘somewhat satisfied’ with it. Apple’s competitors in the tablet space didn’t fare as well. Only 46% of Samsung Galaxy Tab owners polled stated that they were ‘very satisfied’ with the device while 41% were ‘somewhat satisfied’.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire was a breakout hit late last year. While sales started strong, they’ve since dropped, possibly due to poor word of mouth. Changewave found that only 41% of owners were ‘very satisfied’ with the 7” tablet while 53% were ‘somewhat satisfied’. Changewave stated that, when it comes to customer satisfaction, Apple sets the bar with no other manufacturers coming close.

Survey participants were also asked about their buying plans in regards to tablets. Of those polled, 7% stated that they were planning to buy a tablet in the next 90 days with 73% saying that they purchase an iPad. Only 8% of participants stated plans to buy a Kindle Fire while 6% advised that they were planning to purchase a Galaxy Tab.

Changewave neglected to question users about forthcoming Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets due to lack of information about the forthcoming devices. While many models have been announced, pricing details and release dates are scarce. Analysts believe that these devices may hit the marketplace towards the end of year, with October being a possible release date. Changewave will incorporate questions about Windows based tablets later in the year when more details about the devices become available.