Cost of Untidy Homes Revealed

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There are many things to take into consideration when you are trying to sell your house. There are legal concerns, choosing an estate agent and making sure that all the paperwork is up to date. Many people also redecorate to make sure they show off their home to the best standard but a recent study by ING Direct has shown that these are not the only things that potential buyers take into account.

Getting your child to tidy their bedroom can be difficult, but with the study having found that four out of every ten prospective house buyers would be less likely to buy your home if your child’s bedroom is messy, you will have an added incentive to insist upon it. One out of 10 of these people would ask for up to one third to be knocked off the price of your home, and although the more average price reduction was around 5%, in reality this equates to over £8000. That is a certainly strong motivation to get tidying!

It is not just children’s bedrooms under scrutiny. Dirty kitchens and malodorous bathrooms and lead to even more potential buyers not making an offer on a home, and even an unkempt garden lawn would put off one out of five prospective buyers. What’s more, beloved pets are responsible for one third of people being so disgusted by the potential new home that they would reconsider putting in an offer, if there were animal hairs around.

Other aspects of the home which potential buyers do not like include colour schemes which do not match and even artwork on the walls which they do not enjoy.

Despite the fact that the when a buyer moves into their new home the children’s toys, dirty dishes and unappealing artwork would no longer be there, the degree to which these things impact whether an offer is placed, and how far under the asking price the offer is, has been shown to be far more significant than many people would expect. So don’t just fix dodgy decorating and unsightly wiring, make sure your home is pristine before viewers come round too, to get the best possible price when you are selling your home.