Cherries Become a Superfruit

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Superfruits are those that are seriously high in health benefits and exceed vitamin and mineral content that is needed daily. Cherries are the latest fruit to be added the mega-status after more evidence suggests that the juice is extremely beneficial for your health. It’s been found that Montmorency cherries help speed up muscle recovery, reduce inflammation and improve sleep quality as well being high in antioxidants. It’s also been found that you can reduce the risk of gout and it can help combat arthritis.

Combining the health benefits of cherries and the sweet and sour taste has seen health food producers jump at the chance to launch new products. Tart cherries have long-since been connected to pain relief but only now is that fact been spread around on a much larger scale. The fact that tart cherries contain 19 times more vitamin A than strawberries and blueberries as well as being packed with many more minerals and other vitamins. This news of the health benefits of cherries has seen gyms, health clubs and diet supplements incorporate cherries and cherry juice into their ingredients. The fact that cherry juice tastes so great and can mixed with other superfruits is a bonus!

More and more people in the UK are becoming more knowledgeable about their health and what’s good and not to eat and drink. With more people looking after their bodies, going to the gym, joining fitness camps and groups, and shunning fast-food for fruit and vegetables, it seems that they are more inclined to opt for healthy drinks and superfruit products instead of reaching for bad food. As the health risks of fast-food and prepackaged food is being seen on the TV from celebrity chefs and health programmes, the future of cherries and cherry juice is liking to be seen more often.